Global Helium (HECO) has assembled attractive assets for helium development, highlighted by our flagship southeast Alberta asset on the Manyberries helium trend, and our unique strategic partnership with Perpetual Energy Inc. (TSX: PMT).

Southeast Alberta Manyberries Helium Trend

Global Helium’s SE Alberta land surrounds a proven helium well, and geologic mapping of subsurface trends indicates the potential for vast quantities of helium gas

  • Manyberries helium trend currently represents southern Alberta’s most sought-after helium development area driven by an existing well proven to produce helium at a concentration of 1.2%

  • Region offers numerous benefits for resource development, including favourable geology, efficient cost structure, ample infrastructure, a skilled workforce and business-friendly royalty regime

Strategic JV with Perpetual Energy Inc. (TSX: PMT)

Global Helium (HECO) to drill two helium wells in 2023 on Perpetual land situated in the Manyberries helium trend

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HECO is well positioned to set a new standard for successful helium development with attractive assets, a conducive market and supportive characteristics:

  • Canadian geological, seismic, core log data is plentiful and reliably available
  • Helium drilling is nearly identical to natural gas drilling, and management can leverage extensive expertise in conventional hydrocarbon development
  • Existing helium discoveries in our areas allows the Company to select target-rich locations with significantly less risk
  • Skilled workforce and available services
  • Favorable lease terms and royalties plus supportive governments
  • Existing infrastructure, production facilities, roads, and access


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Global Helium (HECO) intends to realize commercial production by realizing success along each of four milestone steps:

1. Drill/Explore/Prove

2. Separation

3. Liquefaction

4. Transport/Sell

HECO intends to extract helium where nitrogen (not hydrocarbon gas) makes up the bulk of the carrying gas, making it much less expensive and much more environmentally friendly to produce and process

Recoverable helium will be identified by readily available:

  • Third-party geoscience & engineering analysis
  • Fluid modeling, gas isotope analysis
  • Well log data and seismic
  • Remote sensing such as aeromagnetic and gravity surveys
  • Drilling and Completion techniques, teams and equipment

Global Helium intends to utilize readily available gas processing equipment to separate and refine gaseous helium at, or near, the wellhead

Depending on economics, HECO may consider constructing a liquefaction facility near our properties in order to consolidate production, and refine gaseous helium into liquefied helium for cost effective shipment to buyers already identified by the HECO team

We have obtained letters of interest from potential purchasers of liquid helium.